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Nurse And Patient



Once you are in a treatment space (which may be a room or a semi-private chair care area), you will receive a physical assessment by the nurse.  This will include examinations related to your illness or injury, such as listening to your lungs if you have a respiratory issue or visualizing the site if you have an injury.  They may initiate treatments, such as starting an intravenous line or splinting if these have not already been initiated in triage.  For triage acuities of 1, 2 or 3, you will be hooked up to monitoring equipment.

You should be checked and receive an assessment of your pain and condition at least hourly.  This follow up should also include updating you on the plan and progress of your care.


Ensure they have gelled or washed their hands prior to touching you.  If your nurse does not update you approximately hourly, use your call button and ask for an update.

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