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You should receive a follow up call within 3 days to ensure you filled your prescriptions and are improving, and to answer questions you may have


Expect for facility (hospital) and physician services to be billed separately. You will receive bills from the following after a few weeks:

  1. Hospital: Emergency Department, Laboratory, Imaging services/Radiology, Pharmacy. Medication prices include the cost of the pharmacist and nurses who administer your medications.

  2. ED physician and each treating physician

  3. Laboratory physician (pathologist)

  4. Radiology physician (radiologist)

Do you have a concern with your bill or the quality of the care you received?


For a modest fee, we will review the records and itemized bills for up to a 5 day encounter.  We will return a written letter contesting any inappropriate charges or sub-standard service and guide you on how to seek resolution. If we don’t identify more bill reduction opportunity than our fee, our service is free to you.  We invite you to book a FREE initial consultation by clicking on the button below.

*note: it is not legal for a hospital or physician to reduce your insurance deductible.

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