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Hospital Corridor


Upon discharge, your emergency department (ED) care team may refer you to specialty care for specific issues that are beyond the scope of the department.  Find out how to anticipate what specialty care you or your loved one might need and empower yourself to get the best possible specialty care.


While 85% of patients are discharged from the emergency department, many need specialty follow-up care.  For example, broken bones are often splinted in the emergency department but referred to an orthopedic specialist for follow up care and possibly casting after initial swelling has decreased.

Some specialists may come in to evaluate the patient in the emergency department while others will see the patient in their office on a later date.


If you are discharged with a follow-up referral to a specialist, you will need to call their office to schedule an appointment.

Make it very clear that you were referred via the emergency department oncall contract.


This contract obligates the specialist to see you at least once, even if they otherwise do not accept new patients or accept your insurance.    

Specialty Care Checklist
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