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Make the Most of Your Hospital Stay

Hospital Admission: (all diagnosis)

Every year in the United states, more than 250,000 patients die due to medical mistakes.  

That’s at least 28 people every hour.

Every patient deserves great medical care, but if you don’t expect it, you or your loved one might not get it. There is a clear connection between quality care and your high satisfaction. Hospitals with the best patient experience feedback make fewer errors and demonstrate better patient outcomes.  Great nurse communication is associated with great overall hospital rating.  When nurses and physicians always listen carefully and explain things in a way that patients understand, they earn top rankings by patients.

The quality of the care you receive impacts how doctors and hospitals are paid. You should have no tolerance of care providers who are rude or don’t always communicate effectively. You deserve great care. Expect it.

We will lead you through the basics of your clinical experience.  We are not describing every aspect of care you should receive; that is for you to define with your doctors and nurses.  What we are here to do is guide your through the basic aspects of care quality. We will empower you with enough knowledge to help you personally secure outstanding engagement of your healthcare provider’s, so they give you their best. Whether you pay out of pocket or have insurance, the costs are high and you probably have a percentage you have to pay.

This tool will assist you in receiving all the quality and value due to you.  Expect it.

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