If you require admission for the treatment of pneumonia you will likely receive intravenous antibiotics and supplemental oxygen.  In addition, you may need breathing treatments via nebulized medications or an inhaler. Typically, you will need to stay in the hospital for 3-7 days, with transition to oral antibiotics at discharge.  You may be discharged home with supplemental oxygen via oxygen tank and nasal cannula as indicated.

Your vital signs will be obtained by either a CNA or registered nurse every 4 hours.  The doctor or medical provider caring for you will review these daily.

Laboratory studies should be obtained daily to include a completed blood count, metabolic panel, and a coagulation panel (to assess the status of your infection, your electrolytes, and to review for bleeding risks).  If blood or sputum cultures were obtained, those results will need to be reviewed as well. A phlebotomist or the nurse will obtain new blood samples every morning. The doctor or medical provider caring for you will review these daily.

Radiographic images of your lungs by a chest x-ray or a CT scan may be necessary based on the severity of the infection.

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