Katie Warner used Lodestar to help her father recover after kidney removal surgery

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Katie Warner recently used Lodestar to help her father recover after kidney removal surgery. Listen to her testimonial below:

"A loved one's admission into the hospital can feel like a powerless experience. Having this website as a tool, empowered me to advocate for the highest level of care for my father. Knowing what to ask and who to ask can be daunting. I believe nurses and doctors care but sometimes it feels like they are checking off a task list instead of listening to the human in front of them. The hospital would have discharged my Dad with the onset of new medical complications after having his kidney removed. This tool helped me push back and get him back to himself before he was discharged. By the time I left I was hugging the nurses. Thank you Lodestar for providing a guiding light in a tough time."

Katie Warner

Engagement Coordinator

Performance Excellence – Enterprise Project Management Office

Dignity Health

#caregiver #healthcarequality #patientadvocacy #patientcare

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